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    Thursday, March 31, 2016

    Jakel Trading A Luxury Clothes Brand?

    WSJ is saying that the vast majority of the USD1 billion was spent on the party and CSR matters.

    But they are saying that Najib spent USD15million of the USD1 billion on "personal use".

    Out of USD15 million, WSJ says some were spent on jewelry but the majority of it or USD14 million was spent from 2011 to 2014 on a company called Jakel Trading which they say is a "Luxury Clothing retailer".

    Since when was Jakel Trading a luxury clothes brand?

    I thought it was a textile and cloth seller?

    And doesn't Jakel also specialize in praying kits to supply prayer mats and "telekung" to mosques?

    Could this also be yet another CSR spending and supplied to mosques and organizations over a 4 year period?

    If it is, then out of USD15m supposedly spent on "personal use" then USD14m already can be explained.

    Leaving USD1m for Najib to explain.

    But I think Najib is a stupid person to so-call Songlap USD1 biilloin and then spend USD999m on the party and only spend USD1m supposedly on himself out of 4 years - or USD250k per year.

    Heck, USD1m or RM3m (when the money came in in USD it was about USD1=RM3 ) over 4 years is not even enough to pay for the undervaluation of Tokong's banglo.

    Anyway, let Najib or the AG explain.

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